Happy Days and Happy Families

Bilbo the butterball

It is August when we see a posting on the Stillbaai Animal Welfare Facebook page for Bilbo the Golden Retriever needing a new home. Bilbo is a five year old boy who’s family had to relocate to Mosselbay and they could not take him with. Being in Stillbaai and not near a major city made for a logistical nightmare on how to get Bilbo to a new home. That however was not going to deter us from helping him and we contacted Global Paws Pet Travel Services with a plea to help us move Bilbo to Johannesburg. Without hesitation they offered to move Bilbo to Johannesburg for us at no charge. It was a huge weight taken off our shoulders.

With a wonderful home waiting for him in Irene Pretoria the nitty gritty of organising a day to move him was put in motion. On the 14th of September we were waiting like expectant parents for 7pm so we could pick him up at the airport. About 40 minutes after the plane had landed Bilbo finally came out of the cargo area and we were all huddling around his crate with “hellos” and “how are you boy” Sanchi, his new mom, and her family all came to the airport to meet this butterball. Bilbo was thumping his tail in the crate and looked at all of us with a big Golden smile on his face. He was such a happy boy, even after having spent a long time in the crate, loving the attention and hugs. Ready to go home he jumped in the back of the car. With tears in my eyes I waved goodbye to Sanchi and Bilbo, knowing that he was on his way to meet his new Goldie sister and a life of new adventures.

Big pawsome thanks to Global Paws for helping us move Bilbo and especially to Bibi Hutcheons for all she did and working late on so many days to make sure everything was in place. To Sanchi van der Merwe and the whole family for giving Bilbo a fantastic new home.