Happy Days and Happy Families

Bonnie continued

Who rescued whom?

After her treatments for Spiracerca Lupi, Bonnie is doing very well. She puts on weight very easily, but we are managing that with the help of bran and prescription food! She is a happy little girl, who loves her walks in the park. She knows her way around three parks and her restricted vision does not hinder too much. Occasionally she becomes disorientated and a little insecure, but a whistle swiftly brings her to my side.

She is full of love and joy, and despite every ones expectation she did very well at dog school!

She loves her new friend BENGI. He is a 13 year old Golden boy, with a gentle disposition and a big heart. His daddy left him behind when he went to live in Australia. Bengi was loved but not taken care of properly. His eyes were dull, his coat was harsh and dull, and there was no spark of expectation evident.

It took Bengi a while to understand that although he no longer had his dad, he now has a new home where he is loved and groomed and fed a special diet! He gets to go on a lot of walks and can run and smell and make friends as much as he likes! He enjoys his new life and the light of expectation and happiness now shines in his eyes! His new nickname is Bright Eyes!

He talks and enjoys being part of his new family. He is becoming more and more demanding of life and love, and is an absolute delight. He is currently trying to prove the theory that he can go anywhere in the park and wherever he is, when he looks up, I will be there with a treat for him! We both had a bad scare in the first week, before I understood the experiment but I have learned the trick now!

So after the inevitable sadness of losing my beloved Crystal, (rescued Golden Girl), my house and my heart are again full of joy, love, wagging tails, and lots of talking!!

For however long we will have together we will stand “one for all and all for one” as befits a bunch of rescues!