Happy Days and Happy Families

A Golden Nugget

It is November 2009 and it has been a hard year. After losing my beloved Golden Dylan to cancer in July it comes as a surprise to get an email from my good friend Lesley asking if we would consider adopting a 5 month old boy named Nugget.

Without having to think twice I phoned my husband and told him he has to go past Germiston on his way home. Of course his first question is why and the obvious answer was “ to pick up your new son”.

The image of Nugs arriving that night, sitting in the car with a lost look on his face will always be with me. I wonder what he must have thought about being taken away from the people he loved. And I know that he was loved. It was not an easy decision to give him up for adoption.

Before we got the surprise package that is Nuggy we had already decided to get another Golden and we were waiting on his birth in January of 2010. I could not now refuse to take little MacKaylin and after what felt like forever we finally brought the tiny bundle of fur home. Nuggy fell in love with his new little brother immediately and the feeling was mutual. They have been bonded at the hip ever since and will always lie on top of each other when they sleep.

Nuggy was meant to come into our lives and to be a big brother to Mac. I am forever thankful that Lesley sent me that mail and to Zena at Golden Retriever Rescue for looking after Nuggy till we could fetch him.

the mortimers